We all long for rich, rewarding lives, satisfying work, caring relationships and good feelings about ourselves. Sometimes difficult life circumstances, disappointing losses, destructive behaviors or health challenges can limit us and keep us stuck in a rut of negativity, fear and hopelessness.

Using a combination of empathy, hope, knowledge and a strategic, goal-directed action plan I can help you transform:

  • Depression and hopelessness into energy and passion
  • Fear and anxiety into creative, thoughtful action
  • Emptiness and aimlessness into clarity and meaningful sense of purpose, direction and accomplishment
  • Isolation and loneliness into confidence, competence and strengthened capacity for positive, caring connections

Hope and empathy form the foundation of my work….helping people to clearly see options and possibilities, to care for themselves more fully, and to imagine what might be to find the courage, strength and trust to take the first important steps to creating a better life.

Recent neuroscience research shows that our brains can literally change as a result of our thoughts, actions and relationships. I can help you maximize your brain’s capacity to change by guiding you to put into practice research-proven principles that will bring you the results you want.

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